Blockchain Masterclass 4th Meetup

SquadX _learningHub organised its fourth instalment of Blockchain Masterclass on 20th July 2019 at The Circle.Work, Gurgaon. It is an event where all the blockchain enthusiasts come together and discuss things around blockchain. The theme for the event was “Enterprises embracing Blockchain”. 

The event was divided to be held in four phases – the introductory presentation of SquadX, a presentation by Shantanu Sharma on “Understanding Blockchain”, a panel discussion led by industry experts, and lastly networking opportunity. 

SquadX’s CEO Presents innovative Blockchain Products


Sunil Sharma, CEO of SquadX and Chief Editor at Coingape, started the event with his presentation on how SquadX has been delivering blockchain products that extend far beyond the financial sector. He presented his team’s projects based on blockchain: Bhoomi Pravaa – land registry and ownership management system using blockchain, SquadX _learningHub trainer – a software-based blockchain trainer for developers and managers both, and other past projects. The audience asked queries and Mr Sunil satiated the inquisitive minds. 

Understanding Blockchain With Shantanu Sharma



Shantanu Sharma, the host at Hard Fork talk show, took the command from here and presented what blockchain is to novices. Taking an unconventional approach, he started with how Bitcoin was formed, the need to form Bitcoin, and then how Bitcoin gave birth to a technology called Blockchain. Taking the help of appealing illustrations, he was able to explain the working of blockchain technology and how cryptocurrencies work. The audience was impressed with the presentation and had a healthy short discussion with him making blockchain crystal clear. 

Panel Discussion With Industry Experts

The key highlight was the panel discussion on “Enterprises Embracing Blockchain”. The speakers were: 

  • Mr Gaurav Shinh, Managing Partner, Data Analytics Service
  • Mr Sunil Sharma, CEO, SquadX
  • Ms Aanchal Thakur, CA, Managing Partner, DayOrg Consulting Group
  • Mr Shantanu Sharma, Founder and Host, Hard Fork talk show, ex-Pilot


Mr Shantanu moderated the panel discussion with important questions concerning how enterprises could make use of blockchain, the kind of problems blockchain is facing as of now in its application and others. You can watch the video below.

What Did The Panelists Say?

“You are not storing the data on the blockchain, you are storing its hash on it… you can glorify blockchain how much you want, but at the end of the day it is what it is”

           – Gaurav Shinh

“We are trying to look at Blockchain in a broad perspective where we are able to view each and every factor of blockchain separately – ledger, security, hashing…”

           – Sunil Sharma

“The risk is not in the process (of digitising data for blockchain), if the processes are not standardised, your blockchain will fail because the fear of collusion can come any time.”

           – Aanchal Thakur

The Perfect Ending

The panel discussion was made open and the audience enthusiastically participated in the discussion. The audience added soul to the event and made the event a grand success. At last, all the participants gathered for photos. All the blockchain enthusiasts were networking with each other and sharing their visions. After satiating the brain, coffee and snacks were present to quench the appetite of the hungry stomachs. 


Certificates On Blockchain

To demonstrate the vast applications of blockchain, the certificates were distributed on a blockchain. SquadX used Ropsten Ethereum network and every certificate has its own unique hash that could be used to verify the transaction. Participants were enthused to share these certificates over their profiles, showering love for Blockchain Masterclass.




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