Blockchain Creating New Jobs for Everyone

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Blockchain Jobs are trending on Google Trends! Since 2017, the popularity of “blockchain jobs” has shown an apparent upward trend. Even in 2018 -the winter of Bitcoin, blockchain jobs were still in demand and May 2018 was the month when the term “blockchain jobs” observed its peak. Now in 2019, blockchain jobs are still trending.

Are you looking for a job with higher pay? Work that challenges your intellect? Then, a job in the blockchain industry might be the answer. Based on a report from AngelList, Blockchain jobs on average pay higher than the non-blockchain jobs and provide better remote work flexibility.

Additionally, if you work in a blockchain startup once, your future employers will consider you an ‘early adopter’. This is because blockchain is a relatively new industry under development. Moreover, the work will challenge you and your learning abilities. With the right skill set, you could take advantage of the opportunities.

The current lack of talented engineers and professionals has skyrocketed the hiring needs of these startups. Let’s take a look at the hype around blockchain jobs.

Blockchain Hype Around The Globe

According to LinkedIn 2018 Emerging Jobs Report, “blockchain developer” observed 33X growth since 2014 making blockchain the top growing industry. Solidity, Ethereum, Node.Js were the top sought skills for the role of a blockchain developer. The major hiring firms are IBM, ConsenSys, and Chainyard.

Data from showed how blockchain startups were showered with investments making 2016 the year for blockchain startups.

Consequently, the number of jobs posted around blockchain on AngelList has increased.

Even reports from KPMG, and PwC indicate that blockchain industry is going through a boom creating more job opportunities. Talented engineers with an interest in blockchain will be in demand for the upcoming time.

The Hype Makes Its Way To India

Remember the Google Trends report at the start? That was the data for the Indian region. Indians are searching for blockchain jobs on Google. Summary of the data –  even when Bitcoin’s price went down, blockchain jobs was still a popular search term on Google.

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A recent report published by the World Economic Firm shows how distributed ledger (blockchain) is adopted by 48% of the companies surveyed. A clear indicator of how blockchain has a future in India. After the release of Facebook’s Libra coin, more companies are speculated to be interested in blockchain.

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Source: Snippet from WEF Report

In August 2018, Tech Mahindra launched its first “Blockchain District” in Hyderabad, Telangana along with the Telangana State Information Technology, Electronics and Communication department (ITE&C).

The blockchain district will serve as an incubation center for technology and process development for Indian blockchain startups and companies. Tech Mahindra will provide all the required assistance to the center.

“The Blockchain District is a global talent hub which can unlock the value of blockchain technology in democratizing data and solving large scale problems. It is also a huge step in reskilling and right skilling the workforce of the Future. Blockchain experts will be our crowning jewels as together we work towards making India the Blockchain capital of the world.”

—– CP Gurnani, CEO & MD, Tech Mahindra

Now, we have established the trend of blockchain has made its way to India. Let’s come to job roles.

What Are The Available Job Opportunities?

What kind of jobs are available in the blockchain industry? Is it just for developers? Let’s dive right into it.

Technical Roles

Role: Blockchain Engineer

As a blockchain engineer, you will be creating custom tokens, developing DAPPs (decentralized applications), or work with custom demands of clients.

Programming languages like Solidity, C++, JavaScript, Python are in popular demand among blockchain developers.

The average pay for a blockchain engineer in India is INR 6,86,592 per year. (includes both blockchain and non-blockchain jobs)

Some of the best firms in India for a blockchain developer are EY, Infosys, Accenture, and a few others.

Role: Full Stack Developer

JavaScript is one of the most sought after skills among Full Stack developers in the blockchain industry. You also need to know about the company before applying, for example, if the company you are applying to deals with Bitcoin then you will need to have knowledge of Bitcoin client’s working.

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The more knowledge you have about blockchains, the easier it gets for you.

The average salary of Full Stack developer in India is INR 514,198 per year.

Role: Front End Developer

A great product needs an appealing interface, and that’s the responsibility of the front end developer. You will be responsible for the UI/UX of the product and everything that customers interact with.

The most sought after language is JavaScript and some of its flavors. Experience in UI/UX is always appreciated.

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While front end developers may not be required to know a lot about blockchain technology, still somewhat deep knowledge of blockchain will only ease the process.

The average pay for a front end developer in India is INR 542,961 per year.

Non-Technical Roles

“The three largest cryptocurrency non-technical hiring needs are Operations, Marketing, and UX/UI Design.” – Angel.Co

Non-technical roles are equally important to tech startups as much as technical roles. Without proper management, a blockchain startup cannot manage the workload properly or market the product, etc.

Most of these roles are standard at every other company. However, to get these roles in a blockchain startup one must possess general knowledge of blockchain.

We expect people to have prior knowledge, but the good news is there are many resources out there for people to get started learning on their own. We don’t care if you have a degree. We care about your ability to learn and execute.

Elizabeth at Lightning Labs

Apart from these, blockchain startups specifically emphasize on the keen ability to understand things faster. They are looking for people who can learn fast and create products afterward. Prior experience in the blockchain industry is an added advantage.

Where Can You Learn Blockchain?

Blockchain is a vast subject with so much to learn. With complexities prevailing, you need a resource that simplifies the subject to everyone, whether a professional software developer or a business developer.

SquadX Learning Hub introduces SquadX Training Program which has of its kind blockchain training programs tailored to meet the industry needs and demand. The program is a complete standout from other programs because of the following reasons.

  1. It is India’s only training program which provides experience to developers and managers (non-engineers) by way of a simulation tool and live blockchain projects.
  2. The program uses real industry cases and provides them as live demonstrations for course applicants which are specially prepared by the SquadX_learningHub team.
  3. The training program will also give an opportunity for the applicants to learn from blockchain experts via live classroom sessions.

Concluding Thoughts

The spike in blockchain jobs is amazing and one should not fail to seize the opportunity if you can. With our easy-to-understand course, anyone can learn blockchain and get a full working knowledge of different aspects of blockchain and then move on to honing one specialty. To register and learn more, go to our website.

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